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Quick, I have to lose 30 pounds, I'm getting married!

Once I finally agreed to tell facebook that I was female, I began getting weight loss ads on my sidebar.  Do any of you remember the muffin top ad?  It said something like, “Look like this? You should probably stop … Continue reading

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Rock Bottom, and Coming Up for Air

Last night I dreamt that I was terribly, horribly depressed. I couldn’t quite pick up my head, and I was so embarrassed about letting myself get to this point that I refused to go to therapy. Luckily, my fiancee, awesome … Continue reading


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Oh, you guys.  I know I’ve sort of disappeared.  I know I don’t call or even answer text messages.  No one has died, I’ve just been busy.  Busy aparguing. Aparguing has taken over much of the time I spend outside … Continue reading


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Woe is Not Me

I came out the first time in middle school. Sort of. I was in seventh or eighth grade and I told my mom I was bisexual. I remember exactly where we were, in the car on the way home, near … Continue reading


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Anxiety ball

Tonight, I am one big ball of anxiety. Ugh. This may have to do with the stupid wedding map I spent two hours this morning trying to make and am still not happy with. What would make this happier? Someone … Continue reading


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