Wiped Out Wednesday

Happy Leap Day! If only this extra day meant extra hours in the day. Here are some adorable pictures of my pups, both taken around 9.5 months of age, being snuggly and wonderful. Maybe 9.5 months is the first stage of awesome. Don’t worry, folks, it wears off around age 1 and comes back around age 3. So, we’re in for a treat!

Just kidding. Sort of. All the stages are fun, even the super challenging ones. It’s all a big, fun, sometimes-stressful learning experience, but it’s worth it. And the amount of thrill I feel when I realize I have successful taught my dog to take multiple steps backward with just one word? Amazing. Also, exhausting.

Happy Hump Day, Leap Day*, and whatever other kind of day today is for you!

*As I typed that, Turtle ran into the room and leaped across it. Best marriage ever.


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2 Responses to Wiped Out Wednesday

  1. Is the word “Moonwalk”? Just two more years until I have calm, snuggly dogs… Hopefully will still have hair by then.

  2. SQUEE! Adorable. P.S. This is totally unrelated, but have you read Fun Home by Alison Bechdel? We just read it in a class I’m TA-ing for, and it was great. The students (college freshmen) loved it, and I felt like we had a really productive conversation about gender and sexuality in America.

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