My lovely wife wants me to write less about our dogs and more about our marriage. Sadly, I don’t have anything exciting to say about our marriage these days beyond that I think I’m still married and I do occasionally see my wife. Or at least her general shape as we fall asleep & wake up. Le sigh. I’ve started a project for school that involves our tracking how much time we are home together and exactly what we are doing with that time… I’ll share the results when I have them, but let it suffice to say for now that we are not spending nearly enough time together doing quality things. Intervention, stat! But seriously, I am implementing an actual intervention on Wednesday. We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, dogs! We no longer keep actual dog beds in the puppy’s crate, but we do keep a ton of blankets for her to curl up in, and they are all blankets that we don’t mind losing. When it’s cold at night, Eleanor (whose name was still Faegan when I took this video) curls up under one of the many blankets in her crate. Occasionally, I have to wake her up in the morning…

So, uh, how’s your marriage going? Any tips for keeping it superawesome in a superlittle amount of time?


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9 Responses to Emerging…

  1. Adorable! Neither of my dogs like sleeping under blankets, so I always think it’s particularly cute when other dogs do! :)

  2. Yesterday, my spouse texted “I love you” to me, and my first thought was “Is everything okay? Are you dying?? Is one of our dogs dying???” So yeah, now I’m working on saying those three little words more so they don’t sound as ominous.

  3. I talk about the dog a lot, too. And, erm, not much about my husband. I need to quit that.

  4. Benny & Lily

    Less doggys, you better do a study about that! BOL
    Benny & Lily

  5. Ugh, I definitely have been having that feeling in my own relationship lately – seeing each other but not really spending time together. Report back on your intervention, I think I need one of my own!

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