Introducing our puppy…

… okay, okay. It’s not a new introduction.

When we adopted the adorable if occasionally devilish puppy, we had the hardest time agreeing on names. We had lists and lists, and Turtle hated all the names that I loved, and I hated all the names that she loved. Her name was Maybeline when we adopted her, and we didn’t veer too far off the path (“May” rhymes with “Fae”…?). We agreed on the nickname “Fae” and then tried to figure out what to tack on the end. “Lin”? “Beline”? ”Gan”?

The truth of the matter is that we just don’t love it. People always think she’s a he or they ask if she’s named after the bad guy from Oliver Twist. Someone asked me if her name was Bacon after I called her at the park, and I said, “No, but maybe we should consider that…”

The biggest sign that we didn’t have quite the right name for her is that we’ve been discussing new ones for the last five and a half months. Well, we made a decision! And yesterday we made it official by taking off her old tag and putting on her new one. Introducing…

I have to say, Eleanor is not my absolute name of choice, but I love the nickname Lenny. Any Ghostwriter (wiki page here) fans out there? Lenni was my favorite. (Maybe I should have looked up that spelling before putting “Lenny” on her ID tag. Oh well.)

The logistics of dog-name-changing aren’t yet as bad as you might think. I spent the last two weeks teaching her the new names (both Eleanor and Lenny), and she comes running over if you call either one of them. Success! It seems almost easier than teaching a name the first time around; currently, Lenny and Eleanor both mean “Come here and get a treat!” while Fae and Faegan mean “Come here!” “Stop that!” “Go away!’ “Be quiet!” “Stop chasing the cats!” It was sort of nice to teach a new name in a bubble.

Look at that tail wagging (it’s the blur behind her butt): we’re all happy with the changes here!

Anyone else decide to rename a pet after a ridiculously long time? At least we made it under the year mark…


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  1. Stephanie

    I was thinking about this today, and I thought to myself, well I adopted Levi at nine months and I don’t know what his name was for the first 0-6 months but his name from 6-9 was Marley (eww! sorry to any Marley owning dogs out there but this was right after the movie came out and I didn’t love the movie soo….) anyway I wanted to name him Archie, JP wanted to name him Lieutenant Surge, we agreed on Levi. So I think changing the name at this point is really no big deal.

    Also I wanted to call our new cat (who started our lives as “Ashes”) Reuben, JP wanted to call him Calculon, we agreed on Iroh.

    All about compromise right?


  2. Miyo

    ZOMG!!! Ghostwriter YES! I didn’t miss a single episode when I was little. One of the first things I thought about when I moved to Brooklyn was “It’s interesting to think that Lenni and Jamal grew up around here….” I’m glad to see I’m not the only one! Also, doesn’t it kill you sometimes that we never found out Ghostwriters true identity? I felt like we got really close during those episodes where they went to England.

  3. Melissa Long

    Nope! But I’ve renamed 7 kids :) It pretty much works on the same concept :) LOVE the name!!!!!

  4. Jennifer

    Love the name, but I really love the last box in the announcement with the “finally in agreement” part! (Perhaps because I’m feeling the pressure of my looming due date with regard to child-naming and neither my husband nor I are sold on the other’s top choice. Or I should say, I’m not sold on his top choice. He flat-out vetoed my top choice as soon as he saw it on the short list, boo.)

    • Thanks! Ugh, agreeing on names is the HARDEST. I hope this sticks, though it should be noted that we are actually each calling her a different name. So I guess we should use “agreement” loosely :)

  5. Rumble

    The last dog my family got before I went to college was 18 months and has been originally called “Sharon” for a few months and that was switched to “Lindsay” for the year or so prior to us adopting her. We didn’t like it at all as a dog’s name. Our top choice that the whole family agreed on was Ursula, but we felt that it was too much of a jump. We very seriously considered trying to call her “Ursalindsay” for a while but ended up just going with a rhymeish- Whimsey. None of us loved it, but we liked it better than what she came with and figured she’d learn it most easily. My mom and I both regretted not just teaching her Ursula, though.

  6. We tend to acquire “used” pets – they mostly belonged to someone else before we got them. Some were rescues from the side of the road, so we never knew their previous name. Others belonged to someone, but we hated the name they came with. One cat belonged to my partner’s sister’s family, and was called Lisa. I am not much of a fan of “people” names for cats, so we changed it to Mocha Lisa (a play on Mona Lisa and Mocha). I call her Mochie or Mochie-Lisa. Another cat (male, ginger & white) was called Buttercup. ??? really? for a male cat? We changed that to Louisville Slugger (Louie for short).

  7. Nice to meet you, Lenny! That’s a cute name. I’ve been considering renaming my dog to “Asshole” because she’s picked up the adorable new habit of, when I get home, failing to come and greet me. Instead, she runs straight to the BACK door to wait for someone to let her out. Asshole.

  8. very cute name!

    And, i loved ghost writer. I haven’t thought about it in years!

  9. I love the new name! And it really suits Eleanor! Very sophisticated and adorable, just like her! Also, I love that both Eleanor and Daphne have awesome old school names! When our pup was teensy he was called Pogo, but we couldn’t stand that, so we wracked our brains for a suitable name, and my partner and I both decided onn Hugo pretty easily. When we met him for the first time it was pretty clear that Hugo was the perfect name for him! He took to it like it was always his name, but we purposely made it very similar.
    I’m glad Eleanor is enjoying her new name/treats!

  10. Omg, Ghostwriter!! Also, cute puppy. But you already knew that.

  11. I was a huge Ghostwriter fan. Our first cat (now named Kiddie) was named a multitude of things over a period of time. We couldn’t decide on a name for him – we went through Monkey, Little Bastard, Macgyver, Izzy and Kiddie. Kiddie just somehow fit and that became his actual name. Though I still call him little bastard all the time! Also, your dog is adorable! Is she a pit?

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