Four years ago today…

So, a little over 4 years ago, I got this message:

One of many that went back and forth about whether or not my adorable and sassy coworker was going to attend roller derby prom with me. Lo and behold, she did agree to go to prom, but before that could even happen we ended up falling for each other. Hard.

She spent a lot of time looking at this facebook picture of me:

And I spent a lot of time looking at this facebook picture of her:

she is so pretty!

Then, four years ago today, we went to a fancy work event in which my roller derby team pushed me around in my wheelchair. Afterwards, I stood around offering to help Turtle breakdown the event. Look at me in this picture, you guys. Do I really look like I am capable of carrying anything or helping to move heavy boxes? It was a thinly veiled ruse.

Our Starbucks date lasted about 6 hours, full of flirting and actually finishing the Sunday NYTimes crossword (sexy, sexy date, I say!). But it wasn’t over then! No, then we went out for dinner. And THEN as we left, I did not kiss her, despite apparently the perfect situation. Instead, I ran away, quickly, on crutches. I know, awkward. But don’t you worry! All went uphill from there.

We rented cars and went on random weekend adventures:

first ever picture of us together

We went to prom. It was really really fun, and we only stayed for about an hour. Getting ready was the best part! I snuck into Harvard Sq by bicycle and bought her the boutonniere – she had never been to her prom and I wanted to make it special for her! I’m realizing now how similar it looks to her wreath from our wedding, which I also bought sneakily in Harvard Square.

We rented another car and went to a folk festival and almost died but didn’t. And even though we had only been dating for three months, we survived living out of a car together and still liked each other very, very much, thank you. Also, we almost got struck by lightning! And there was a tornado!  

Since then, of course, we’ve acquired animals, moved in, lost and gotten jobs, made some big life changes, and done that whole marriage thing.

one of the days I proposed and she said no. I think she got food on my face and is wiping it off. We're classy like that.

Being married to her is the best ever.

Happy anniversary to the best partner I ever had. Here’s to many, many more ups and downs and in betweens – I’ll take them all as long as we’re doing it together. I love you!


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14 Responses to Four years ago today…

  1. How sweet! I have to admit I am a little teary eyed because of this post. The prom picture of you guys is too cute but I’m absolutely loving the folk festival pictures and the story behind it. Now that’s true love :) Happy Anniversary!

  2. Lauren

    I actually think three months in is the ONLY time a couple should attempt to live out of a car together- so new! so fun! no annoyances yet! :) Happy anniversary!

  3. Jo

    Happy anniversary!


  4. jordan

    happy anniversary :)

  5. Madge

    what a beautiful story! happy anniversary!!

  6. What a lovely lovely story and couple. Happy anniversary!

  7. Happy anniversary! You guys look so adorable in your first few photos – what awesome memories those must be. Here’s to many, many, many more – *cheers*!

  8. Happy anniversary! I love all of these photos – so cute! :)

  9. Trisha

    Happy Anniversary! I was grinning all the way down this post! Here’s to four, no forty more wonderful years! (And then another 20 or so for good measure!

  10. Happy anniversary! I maintain that stressful situations are the best way to find out if you’re compatible with someone, so I think it’s awesome that y’all went and lived out of a car. Also, I’m still chuckling at the “butcher date” e-mail.

  11. so sweet! happy anniversary

  12. lyn

    SO CUTE!!! I love this story.

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