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Four years ago today…

So, a little over 4 years ago, I got this message: One of many that went back and forth about whether or not my adorable and sassy coworker was going to attend roller derby prom with me. Lo and behold, … Continue reading


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On how Rachel Maddow is either ruining or saving my marriage

A glimpse into our lives… the dogs are finally lying down instead of humping each others’ heads and/or trying to bite each others’ faces. Our conversation turns to my blogging habits: Turtle: You said you would write about our marriage… … Continue reading


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My lovely wife wants me to write less about our dogs and more about our marriage. Sadly, I don’t have anything exciting to say about our marriage these days beyond that I think I’m still married and I do occasionally … Continue reading


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Marriage: You’re Not on Your Own Anymore (or Why You Should Not Get a Puppy)

Whew. I have a confession to make. You guys? My puppy is not always a good dog. I know, I post about how cute she is and laugh a little about the beds she destroys, but to be perfectly honest, … Continue reading


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I swear we communicate in real life, too.

Me: I’m writing. Turtle: What are you writing? A blog post? Me: Yep. Turtle: Hooray! I love when Queer Skies Ahead comes up in my Google reader. I’m like, “Yay, what’s going on in my life?”


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