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Well, I haven’t done a great job posting regularly about the grand adventure of being self-employed, because often it feels more like unemployed. I hear the stats on the radio – “Unemployment is dropping because people aren’t looking for jobs!” … Continue reading


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In which I was attacked and offered to take off my pants at the dog park*

On Monday evening, I took my terrible, book-eating dogs who have enough energy on their paws to do things like bark a lot and eat books, and we went to the dog park. I should clarify that, by “book-eating dogs”, … Continue reading


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In which I refuse to collect more dogs and thus fend off divorce

You guys! Big things are happening! First, it was Christmas. Then we had a brief respite from the chaos before it was my birthday! The next day was Turtle’s birthday! Today is my dad’s birthday! All of these exclamation points … Continue reading


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Uh, when is that puppy going to its forever home?

Whenever people find out that we have two dogs, one of their first questions is, “So, do they like each other?” I am always a little bit baffled by this. Do people get pets who don’t like each other? I … Continue reading


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Hi, Mom!

Dear everyone – I am alive! It has come to my attention that several people are highly dissatisfied with the frequency of my blog posting (hi, Mom!). So here is a post to tide you over. It is full of … Continue reading


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